Welcome to the specialists for product machining and surface treatment in lightweight construction


FINOBA AUTOMOTIVE regards itself as a dedicated service provider and problem solver for the complete processing of power-train, structural and chassis cast-aluminium components. We tailor a component-specific processing concept in collaboration with our customers. All process steps are from a single supplier – so there are no unnecessary interfaces that might otherwise affect quality. In addition, the effort required for coordination and transport is reduced thanks to each processing step being carried out at a centre of excellence located centrally. FINOBA AUTOMOTIVE supplies fully processed ready-to-install products in certified quality.

Cast aluminium components are becoming increasingly more important in vehicle manufacturing in order to reduce weight and thus increase ecological compatibility as a result of the resultant reduction in fuel consumption. As a specialist for processing aluminium components, FINOBA AUTOMOTIVE is a professional partner in the automotive lightweight construction chain. With our processing capabilities, we make our contribution towards further reducing the CO2 emissions from vehicles.

We treat parts.

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