• Automated integrated process
  • Various 5-axis machining centres
  • Washing
  • Installation of threaded inserts

Die-cast aluminium structural components are processed automatically at Hanomag Aluminium Solutions using CNC machines. The company currently operates fourteen 5-axis machining centres; these are designed for use with complex machining programmes and can even be used for the contours of difficult-to-machine shapes. This allows machining to be carried out in a highly productive manner and with the high degree of precision demanded by the car industry.

Washing is carried out in a continuous process plant within the automated, integrated production unit; it removes residues of coolants and lubricants and swarf resulting from the CNC machining operation. An automated system introduces the design-specific threaded inserts into the component along different axes and at different positions and then checks are made to ensure they are seated correctly. Any deviations from the preset parameters are detected automatically.

Automated integrated production

  • Data Matrix code
  • Transparency
  • Traceability

Hanomag Aluminium Solutions carries out machining, washing and assembly of threaded inserts in an automated, integrated production unit. Data Matrix codes allow the system to identify the individual parts and assign them to the subsequent processing steps. This ensures transparency throughout the whole of the processing and guarantees that individual components are traceable – as demanded by the car industry.

Struktur-Masch-Bearb 5 Struktur-Masch-Bearb 5