As a company that defines itself as being a reliable partner in the automotive lightweight construction chain and contributes to reducing CO2 emissions with its portfolio of services, environmental protection is an integral part of Hanomag Aluminium Solutions's corporate objectives. Corporate philosophy and corporate practice are geared to avoiding environmental impact, reducing emissions, conserving resources and minimising risks.

For example, the baths used for cleaning and passivation and the chemicals used for rinsing in the pickling plant are continuously monitored. They are neutralised and disposed of in an eco-friendly manner once their useful service life has been reached. Hanomag Aluminium Solutions has its own test laboratory in order to adhere strictly to environmental standards. Since the start-up of the plant, the company has managed to reduce its use of chemicals by more than 50 per cent while improving product quality at the same time.

We are continuously optimising our production plants with the aim of improving their environmental balance still further.

Zertifikat Umwelt ISO 14001

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